​Long term care insurance, also known as LTC insurance, is typically not what most Americans consider to be a needed type of insurance. However, this type of insurance has helped several families finance care for their loved ones in their better years.

If your loved one has a long term care policy, it is important to review the documents carefully.

At Home Personal Care can discuss your policy with you at the time of our assessment. It’s very important to evaluate policies carefully in order to ensure a successful claim has been processed. We can review the amount of the daily benefit, the number of years the policy will pay benefits, and the number of days or months before the policy will begin paying benefits.

Long Term Care Insurance

LTC insurance covers the following, depending on the policy your loved one has:​

  • Care in a skilled nursing facility

  • Care in an assisted living facility

  • Home health Care

  • Private Duty Care

We can help you determine what your policy covers and will process your claim as part of our service. As a courtesy, we may bill your loved one's insurance policy directly with your assignment of benefits approval. 

If you would like information on how to obtain a long term care policy, please contact your insurance agent or contact us for a representative in your area.