The notes below are expressions of appreciation for our services on behalf of employees, family, and clients. As an agency we are gratified at the sentiments expressed for the service we provide. These are reminders of our agency’s resolve to serve seniors and their families. Albert Schweitzer once said “Only those who have found how to serve will truly be happy.”


"Tonya, thank you for your excellent service. No falls since we got Cassandras care feedback!" Gail W. Dallas, TX

“After interviewing six personal care agencies we selected At Home Personal Care because of their knowledge of the business, references, follow up, and excellent caregiver screening. Please extend our thanks to Chris and the rest of the staff for their hard work.”
Marilynn D., Arlington, Texas

“Your caregivers are top-notch. I have recommended your services to all my friends in my area. I like having someone around to help me and I look forward to seeing my caregiver each day.”
Howard M. Fort Worth, Texas   

"I have nothing but compliments for each and every one of you, and your employees. Lisa, my caregiver is the best."

Ms. Moore- Dallas, TX


"As I look back, my caregiver Shirley made a special effort to have my husband dressed appropriately, even dressed “to the vines” for special occasions."

Mrs. Caliga- Dallas, TX


"The office staff is very responsive and friendly. My caregiver is wonderful with my mom. We are blessed to have her taking care of our mom."

Ms. Zwaska- Lake Highlands, TX

“Love the company.......... great staff!!!!”- Dominica Thompson, Dallas, TX


“I consider the gals in the office to be more like friends than superiors. They are truly a team of excellent players who provide superior service and are a pleasure to work with. Any issues that may arise they are willing to step up and help me handle in a timely manner.”

- Denise Laughton, McKinney, TX


“It has been a joyous ride and a privilege from day one to work with all of you. Even though you were a distance in miles, it seemed as if you were right here in the office when needed. You have been a great supervisor to work for. You all have been there for us and allowed us this opportunity to assist many that were in need.”

-Rosie M., Mesquite, TX

"I had no idea what to expect when my husband was first diagnosed with his disease and we learned that he needed in-home care to administer his overall care, due to my bad back. But from day one, the agency has made us feel so comfortable, and our caretaker is part of our family now and we could not have asked for better care and service."

- Susie D., Plano, TX


“Our caregiver is the most wonderful caregiver I’ve ever met. My mom has never depended on anyone, and has always been so independent, but now she trusts her caregiver to do what she does best, taking care of her patient. She goes that extra mile to make my mom comfortable and keep her as safe as she possibly can ... She has been more than just a caregiver and my mom and I have accepted her into our family ... She’s friendly, caring, and most importantly always on top of what is going on health wise with my most precious family member. I trust her. That is a very difficult thing for me to do because I don’t trust my mother’s well-being with anyone else but myself, even with other family members. Our caregiver has proven to be completely competent, respectful, and loving towards my mother and her care … She has become a wonderful addition to our family.”

- Linda Z. Dallas, TX


"I am very grateful to have been introduced to At Home Personal Care. It has been a great benefit to each and every member of my family. I am now able to go to dinner with my husband and feel safe and secure leaving my parents at home.  Thank you again for all of the fine individuals I have met through At Home. I also want to thank all of your staff for their kind and helpful ways, answering any and all questions that I have. I have told so many others of your great services. Keep up the good work."

- Peggy B. Grand Prairie, TX


“I want to personally thank you for taking care of my mom during her last days. It was hard enough for us to get through her passing, but you all helped out tremendously.” “I have a newfound respect for the care you give people.”

-Trish Zachowsky- Forney, TX


“I wish to acknowledge the awesome contributions to my mother’s safety and wellbeing made by the people of At Home Personal Care.” “You all were able to assist us in an emergency need, and you sent a very nice caregiver to our home that same night.” “In fact, every caregiver who came to the house was well prepared for the unknown tasks at hand.” “Thank you for taking on the task and performing it in a superior manner.” “I never even knew that this type of service existed, or could be started so quickly.” “As the days passed, I was impressed with each of your caregivers as I met them.” “I have made sure to let the folks know at the local hospital that your agency is top care in my books.”

-Karen O., Lake Highlands, TX


“With everything being such a headache, not knowing where to go or who to call, I’m fortunate to have found you all in the New Lifestyles Guide.” “Not only did your staff provide wonderful care for my parents, but you also made sure that their home was kept tidy, nice and clean, and that my parents stayed very active.” “I was so taken back at the various types of services that were provided.” “I hope you all are around once I age and am in need.”

-Brian O’Connor, Plano, TX


“You all helped my family and I through the many stages of elderly care.” “From just needing an extra hand around the house all the way to the end of live care for my father.” “You all selected the right caregiver for my father and his military ways, and I will definitely recommend you all to others that are in need.”

-Ashli B. Dallas, TX


“Your service was excellent and I thank you and all your caretakers and for their courtesy, promptness and dependability.” “The ladies were so attentive and are very caring, to the point of me no longer needing them.” “Needless to say, I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if I would have been alone, thank you for everything.”

-Joni H., Allen, TX


“When mother fell and broke her hip, her world ended.” “I was attempting to help her by myself and finally reached the point of being overwhelmed, I decided that I needed your help.” Upon contacting Tonya, I knew I had made the right decision.” “Not only did she make me feel more comfortable about utilizing the agency, but she was respectful of what we did and did not want.” “All the little and big things I could not find the time to do are now taken care of, and I can leave my home not worrying about mother.” “The caregivers are great with communication, and if something changed with the schedule, Tonya made sure we knew about it.” “Everyone was always on time, or we were notified if they wouldn’t be; honest, professional, trustworthy, hardworking, articulate and caring.” “My mom would be elated when Tonya would pop-in,  or others from the office.”

-Tori K, Plano, TX


“I'm grateful to have my caregiver for not only my companion, but as a new friend.” She is so caring and helpful in so many ways, and always willing to help me whenever its needed.” She has been my caregiver for four years and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else.” “I’m so happy with y’all.”

-Ms. Betty Kindridge, Richardson, TX


“I cannot say enough wonderful things about AHPC.” Living in a different state with an ill father isn’t an easy thing to do.” “I hired AHPC to take care of my dad right when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and the caregivers came into his home and treated him as if they were his daughters.” “They were there living with my dad and being there for him at his beck and call.” If I could rate AHPC ten stars I would, because they have been such a huge relief for my siblings and myself.”

-Elizabeth P. Washington, D.C.


“I wanted to thank Tonya, Martha, and everyone else at the agency for helping to take care of my grandmother after she fell and broke her toe.” Martha was a jewel, and is considered a part of our small family.”

Hydid M., Dallas, TX


“We only used you all for the short time that it was needed, but if your services are ever needed again, we know who to call.” No matter what time of the day I called, someone answered the phones.” “You all rock.”

Billy M. Dallas, TX